Rebif® belongs to a class of drugs known as immune-modulators. Rebif® is a synthetic form of human protein called interferon beta, made by EMD Serono Inc. Interferon beta is a type of immune-response protein that has antiviral activities and helps to mediate your body’s immune system.

Rebif® is currently FDA-approved for treating relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Clinical studies show that Rebif® reduces signs and symptoms of MS by decreasing the frequency of flare-ups and slows progression of physical disability associated with MS.

Rebif ® is given directly as a subcutaneous injection. Rebif® requires a valid prescription from your prescriber. Ocean Breeze Healthcare can provide Rebif® as well as most of the supplies you would need to administer Rebif ®.

What form is Rebif ® currently available?

Rebif® is currently available as a prefilled syringe and single-use autoinjector called Rebidose®.

Both the prefilled syringe and Rebidose® are available in following doses: 8.8mg, 22mcg and 44mcg.

What are some potential side effects of Rebif®?

Common side effects with Rebif® include, but are not limited to, injection site reactions such as rash, redness or bruising. Some of the other possible side effects are flu-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, liver problems, blood problems, or thyroid problems. If you are experiencing any unwanted side effect(s) or have any specific questions or concerns regarding a side effect, contact your doctor or pharmacist. You may also report the side effect(s) to the FDA at or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Who should NOT use Rebif®?

Rebif® should be avoided in those with a history of allergy and/or hypersensitivity to interferon beta, human albumin or any other component of the formulation.

Speak to your doctor or pharmacist if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a history of seizures.

How do you administer Rebif®?

Rebif® must be injected under the skin, as a subcutaneous injection. Each Rebif® prefilled syringe and Rebidose® autoinjector is for one-time administration only.

For Prefilled Syringes:

Examine the contents of the syringe carefully. The solution should be clear to slightly yellow without particles. Otherwise, contact your doctor or pharmacist. After inspecting the syringe contents, simply remove the needle cap before subcutaneous injection.

EMD Serono, Inc. also provides an injection device, called Rebiject II®, as an alternative to the manual injection method for Rebif® prefilled syringe. First, prepare the injector plunger by aligning the device plunger to the needle cap remover and setting the device plunger for injection. Then, insert the prefilled syringe into Rebiject II®, and attach the injector body. Remove the needle cap and press the injector release button to automatically inject the drug content into the skin. For detailed instructions on how to use Rebiject II®, see on the manufacturer's website.


For Rebidose® Autoinjectors:


Rebidose autoinjector is preassembled single-use injector with needle already attached to the device for injection. Examine the contents of the syringe carefully. The solution should be clear to slightly yellow without particles. Do not use it if it is cracked or broken. Hold the Rebidose® autoinjector in your palm with thumb ablove the injector button. Place the device upright with needle end flat against your skin, then push it against the skin. Push the injector button while keeping the device firmly against the skin. Hold for 10 seconds while the medication is released.

How do you store Rebif®?

Rebif® should be stored in the refrigerator (36 – 46° Fahrenheit). DO NOT FREEZE. Protect from light. Rebif® may be stored at room temperature (below 77° Fahrenheit) for up to 30 days.

How long does Rebif® last?

Before opening, any unused Rebif® is stable until the indicated expiration date listed on the packaging if all the required storage conditions are met. Each Rebif® prefilled syringe is intended for one-time use only; discard any unused drug after each dose.

List of Commonly Asked Questions

Q:Does Rebif® cure multiple sclerosis (MS)?
A:No, Rebif® is not a cure for MS. It simply relieves the symptoms associated with MS and may potentially slow         the progression of MS.
Q:How do I use Rebif® with the Rebiject II device?
A:First prepare the Rebiject II injection plunger, and then insert the Rebif® prefilled syringe into the device for         subcutaneous injection. For detailed instructions, please refer to on manufacturer's website
Q:Are there any preservatives in Rebif®?
A:No, Rebif® does not contain any preservatives.
Q:What do I do if I forget to take my dose of Rebif®?
A:You should take Rebif® as soon as you remember. Then skip the following day to allow at least 48 hours          between your next dose.
Q:How often do I take Rebif®?
A:You should take Rebif® exactly as prescribed by your doctor. In general, Rebif® is taken three-times-per-week;         at the same time every dose. Separate each Rebif® dose by at least 48 hours.

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